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Over the years Pavages Pascal has successfully contracted a wide scope of commercial and industrial paving projects, ranging from the complete construction of a new parking lot or shipping yard, including excavation and installation of a new infrastructure, to the rehabilitation of existing pavements utilizing the process of pulverizing the existing material and repaving.

Pavage Pascal possesses an extensive range of modern equipment, as well as the skilled experience in applying the latest resources obtainable. We have also developed an excellent technical expertise enabling us to provide our clients with the professional recommendation to best serve their needs, regardless of project size.

For more than 50 years, Pavages Pascal has been committed to sustaining the highest quality to price ratio in order to give our customers the best possible workmanship and materials while maintaining competitive prices, along with a reliable and courteous professional service.

It is by adhering to this philosophy that Pavage Pascal has prided itself on its reputation in both asphalt paving and paving stones, as well as attracting new customers year after year through an unequaled level of past customer satisfaction referrals.

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